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Pricing and Packages

I offer solutions to fit almost any budget. On my portfolio page you can see examples of people I've worked with. 
The websites I create are a great choice for business large or small, charity / not for profit organisations.

They feature content that is editable by you and come along with backup and support. 

When you decide to have your first website built there are quite a few things to consider and often it is a process until I figure out together with my client's input what the best way of displaying/relaying the information is.

You may have certain ideas of what you would like, or what you need, but then there will also be things that come up along the way that you may not have thought about, or thought possible.
Often this process is what can make the real difference between a cobbled together template off-the-shelf site and a custom build solution.

I like working together with my clients to come up with the best possible solution for a website so it makes sense a and is useful to you, as well as your client base and end users of the website.

To give you a better idea of what you can get for your money I have grouped together the functionality most people are looking for in three packages. These are just for guidance, contact me and let's have a chat about you and your business, I will prepare a plan that suits your needs at an affordable price that you can manage.

I have recently started using a new billing structure.
I offer my clients the option of a 18 (or sometimes 24) months payment plan, which basically means that investment into a website is financially viable for a lot more small businesses.

Our web design prices and packages

prices are in $NZD for the UK version in £ please refer to my UK based site.


starter from $1100

Website cost: 

From $1,100 one off website design & built cost or a a pre arranged monthly payment plan from $75 over 18 months **  

hosting cost: 

$15.65 per month server hosting cost  

package description: 

A good entry level plan whether you are a designer, artist, small business owner or you just want to share your hobby with others.

upload files

Upload Files

upload files

Intermediate from $1900

Website cost: 

From $1,900 one off website design & built cost or a a pre arranged monthly payment plan from $120 over 18 months **

hosting cost: 

$15.95 per month server hosting cost, with additional fees for reverse server proxy setup.

package description: 

Our intermediate package is the kind of thing that most sites will use but we are flexible in our approach, so the functionalies are interchangeable and often custom built to fit exactly your need.

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Pro from $3000

Website cost: 

From $3000 one off website design & built cost
or a a pre arranged monthly standing order from $145.00 over 24 months 

hosting cost: 

$15.95 per month server hosting cost

*this may increase slightly depending on database size and reverse proxy caching.

package description: 

A plan to take your site to the next level with multi- media content or other customisation specific to your business.